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Fandango Wheelstander

Kerry Watson will feature his 1957 Chevy BelAir wagon, powered by a blown BBC on alcohol, coupled to a full manual shift specially prepared GM turbo 400.  Power is redirected through a Dodge transfer case into a set of GM 12 bolt 4:56/1 gears.  The titanium skid pads are mounted to a soft tail design sub chassis.

The car has mounted on each rear wheel, 3 sets of disc brakes (2 for wheels up steering, controlled by pulling one of two levers mounted inside the car right beside the driver's seat) and one set controlled by a foot brake for braking when all four wheels are on the ground. Tires are Goodyear racing slicks.  

Fandango is tuned by Les Davenport, who suggests the car is pushing approximately 1000-1200hp. The car is engineered to run the full 1/4 mile track up on 2 wheels in excess of 100mph.

The car has an up-to-date NHRA safety certified chassis sticker, and its own 20lb halon-fired suppression system, with 2 fog-styled discharge fittings, one on the engine and one on the driver.  The body has a hydraulic lift ram and a title front end to allow easy access for maintenance.